The 5 Best Front Tine Tillers For Your Lawn or Garden in 2021

When tilling your garden, you might need to use a front tine tiller. In this post, we’ve looked at a lot of front tine tillers and curated a list of the top 5 options for you to make your own decision.

Reviews Of The Top 5 Front-Tine Tillers

#1. Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator,Black
  • Powerful: 13. 5-Amp motor cultivates up to 16 in. Wide x 8 in. Deep
  • Durable: 6 Steel angled tines for maximum durability and performance
  • Easy storage: handle folds for convenient storage and easy transport

The Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator comes in number 1 on our list of front tine tillers for your lawn or garden. Although Sun Joe is a relative newcomer to the outdoor and lawn tools market, they make great, top of the line products. The TJ604E boasts a powerful engine with a 13.5 amp motor that really grinds up all soil in its path, as well as any unwanted weeds and root systems from trees and vegetation. 

The high powered motor helps the tines spin at a rapid 370 RPM. There are 6 tines on the TJ604E, each incredibly durable and made from high quality steel, with the teeth angled out to better agitate and till the ground. The 6 tines create a cultivation path that is 16 inches wide, as well as up to 8 inches deep, meaning it will take less time and energy than comparable models to till a large garden.

This model is stress free and easy and comfortable to use. It starts up easily and reliably every time with the simple push of a button, and there is a safety switch in the handle meaning you have complete control over the machine, and you can start or stop it instantly whenever you need to. It also has a comfortable grip handle that collapses in on itself, making for easy and compact storage in your garden shed or garage. Additionally, the rear wheels are adjustable to 3 positions and heights, meaning it can be used over uneven and rough terrain, as well as easily alternated with family and friends. 

#2. Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator

Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator, red
  • Comes with a handy carrying handle
  • Entire unit weighs Only 24-pounds
  • Handle Bars fold down for easy storage

The Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator is the highest rated gas powered tiller on this list. It is a very high powered tiller, and is strong enough to take on the toughest jobs you could have. The entire unit only weighs 24 pounds, but it comes with a Honda, 4-cycle 25cc engine that helps to spin the tines twice as fast as comparable models, with tine speeds of up to 240 RPM. 

The tiller is easily controlled from the handlebars via a finger controlled throttle, which gives the user infinite speed control and makes operation very easy. The tillage path is 9 inches wide, allowing you to get into narrow nooks in the garden or to create narrow rows for vegetation. Additionally, the tines of the Mantis 7940 are unique and curvy in order to till down up to 10 inches deep, meaning you can aerate and cultivate not only the topsoil layer but also the deep soil underneath, as well as remove any deep roots and/or weeds that you don’t want. If you only want to work the topsoil, simply turn the tines around for shallow cultivation only 2 to 3 inches deep. 

In addition to its power and heavy duty tilling capabilities, the 7940 is also very comfortable and simple to use. It has foldable handles to make itself compact and storage easy, as well as a carrying handle for easy and lightweight transportation. It has a kickstand to keep it upright when not in use as well as easy fueling, and comes standard with a 2 year limited warranty. 

#3. Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller and Cultivator

Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller Cultivator with 99cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine, 5 Year Warranty
  • VERSATILE - Tool-less removal of outer tines and shields quickly turns Versa from a tiller into a cultivator
  • EASY-TO-USE - Easy maneuverability - Light enough to turn on a dime with effortless control
  • STABILITY - Lowest center of gravity available in any front tine tiller for ground-hugging stability

The next front tine tiller on our list is the Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller and Cultivator. This is a very versatile model because it can be used both as a tiller and a cultivator. All you have to do is remove the outer tines and shields – neither requires tools – and you can change from a heavy deep soil tiller to a lighter cultivator. This means you can do both jobs in your garden with only one tool, saving you time and money. 

The Versa is straightforward and easy to use. It is highly maneuverable because it is very light, meaning it can turn in a very tight radius and fit into compact rows of vegetation or plants. It also has the lowest center of gravity available in any front tine tiller, which means it is very stable and you don’t have to worry about it tipping or getting away from you. Additionally, it has a smooth pull recoil for a quick and easy start. 

The 99cc engine puts out 3.32 foot-lbs of torque, and the tillage path the Versa can cultivate is anywhere from 11 inches to 21 inches wide, as well as 11 inches deep. Lastly, it has an insanely long 5 year warranty, showing you how much faith Earthquake has in their products. 

#4. Earthwise TC70125 12.5-Amp 16-Inch Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Earthwise TC70125 12.5-Amp 16-Inch Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator, Green
  • Earthwise tiller with a powerful 12.5-Amp electric motor with superb run time and service life
  • Corded electric tiller ideal for small to medium-sized gardens
  • 6 tine cultivator long handle that can cultivate and till up to 16" wide and 8" deep

The Earthwise TC70125 12.5-Amp 16-Inch Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator is a great option for those with small to medium sized gardens. It houses a small yet powerful 12.5 amp motor that provides enough power for the tines to pulverize both the topsoil as well as the layer of soil underneath. It also has a very long runtime and service life, due to it being a corded electric tiller. As long as you have electricity, it will start very quickly and easily, and run without problems until you’re done with it.

The Earthwise TC70125 has 4 curved, durable steel tines that make tilling and cultivating a breeze. This model can till a path up to 16 inches wide as well as up to 8 inches deep, which is more than enough for most home garden needs. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver, so it simple to store and transport, and it can fit into tight spaces in your garden if needed. With a single lever switch, it can go from being a tiller to a cultivate, and then back again. The handle is made specifically to be ergonomic, meaning you can use it for longer than comparable models without getting fatigued or losing your grip, both of which could be hazardous. 

#5. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SFTT142 Front Tine Tiller

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SFTT142 Front Tine Tiller
  • Manual recoil easy start fuel delivery system
  • Adjustable 11", 16" & 21" tilling width
  • 11" Tine diameter/tilling depth

The final front tine tiller on our list is the Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SFTT142 Front Tine Tiller. This is a really strong machine that features versatility and power. It has a large 150cc engine that can handle the toughest garden work, such as hard clay or breaking new ground, as well as tackling weeds or tree roots deep under the surface. It also has a large tilling path, as it has a tilling width of 11, 16, or even 21 inches, as well as a tilling depth of 11 inches. 

The 11 inch curved, sharpened, forward rotating tines work through any soil they meet, and they’re also self sharpening meaning they always stay like new, even after many uses. The Southland Outdoor also features a gear drive system that has a poly-v belt system that again helps prolong its working life and cultivating abilities. Additionally, it has a swinging tail attached to a drag stake, meaning you can easily adjust it from tilling mode to get ready for transport. Its manual recoil start is easy and requires less strength than other models, making it less hazardous to start.