Hi there!  My name is Stan and I’m a retired master plumber.  Thanks for stopping by!

My Background

My whole life I was always interested in working with my hands and continually found myself working on various projects.  I decided to go to College in Houston, Texas for HVAC  (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) right after High School in Waco, Texas.


After College, I moved to California, living in the high desert near Barstow. I spent a couple of years working with Master Craftsmen of all the trades on George Air Force Base. Moving to the San Diego area in the late 1970’s, I married my wife (now of 38 years) and had a family.  I continued to work within the trades, from General Construction to Solar Heating, but my heart was always drawn to the Plumbing Industry.

I started Hardin Enterprises in San Diego where I ran my own General Contracting Company, specializing in remodels, additions and varying sizes of plumbing projects. As a California licensed General Contractor, I started small. I sub-contracted out some of the larger projects, but always maintaining my personal touch in plumbing (Also licensed).  We continued this for 12 years, when the economy in San Diego took a hit from the base closings.

A good friend, and fellow contractor, moved to Colorado and started a HUGE housing development.   They needed a plumber they trusted to install all the plumbing for their development, so they called me. Timing is everything sometimes and it just so happened to be the RIGHT time for me.

My wife and I decided to uproot our family in San Diego and move to Colorado and start a whole new company (and Life). I tested and received my Master Plumber’s license and found more work than I could handle.

So we started Star Plumbing, Inc.

Using this truly massive housing project as a foundation, I built my company and worked for nearly 15 years in the plumbing trade, serving the Denver metro area, with projects throughout Colorado as well.

How I can help you

My goal is to help those that have questions about anything plumbing (or anything about your home).  A lot of people are either rehabbing or needing to fix some plumbing related issue in their homes.

I can provide excellent advice based on my many years of experience.  I can also provide you with no nonsense recommendations for various plumbing products.